New Evilcheats Website

New Evilcheats Website
posted at 1 year ago

Evilcheats Update

Welcome to the new Evilcheats Website. Since the Website received some major changes we would like to show them to you:

  • Forum has been changed completely
  • General new UI
  • New Store
  • New User Dashboard


We removed the old forum software because it was much too extensive and confusing. Too many sections we had, too little moderation, it was just dead. For this reason we have removed the discussions on the website and the forum only contains tutorials and information that will be added bit by bit in terms of feedback.


We have completely redesigned the website. Gradually the client will be reworked, but this is not a priority at the moment. Nevertheless, we are happy about any feedback and would be happy about ideas that help to improve the UI.


The shop has not changed dramatically. There is still the Trustfactor which is needed to buy certain private cheats. Depending on the feedback, more cheats will be added. To learn more about the Trustfactor install our client software ClientArea

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