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Several questions were asked over the past few days and we decided to make a FAQ.

How to get trustfactor?

There are 2 ways to get trustfactor:

  1. Signing into the client for the first time
    • The client will generate an initial trustfactor value based on several calculations
  2. Using cheats we provide
    • We only have the Rust cheat available atm but that will be handled within the next few days

I cant see the price for productname, how much is it?

If you cannot see the price for the specific product, it mostly is because you haven't used the compatibilty check yet. You can log out of your account and see the product price that way.

I do not have enough trustfactor for productname, what can I do?

If you already generated your initial trustfactor due to the first usage of our client and still do not have enough for the specific product, you have to use other cheats we provide in order to generate a higher trustfactor.

Im using a product from evilcheats but I do not get any trustfactor, why is that?

Our system gives you the trustfactor you earned over day by the end of the day (around 1 AM CET).

The purchase site tells me that I have to run a compatibility checks, how do I do that?

The compatibility check is to prevent specific hardware/software incompatibilities from purchasing the specific product key. It is located inside the "Check" tab of the client.

I have used the compatibility check but still cant buy the product, why is that?

Our compatibility check checks your system against incompatibilities with our cheats, if you are not compatible with the product you won't be able to purchase it. The client will show you what you have to fix in order to be compatible.

Where do I get the evilcheats client?

The evilcheats client is available on our website, you have to navigate to the client tab and click on download.

The client does not open up for me, can I fix that?

If the client does not open for you, it may be due to missing dependencies, have a look at the readme we provide with the client and install all required dependencies. If you still run into issues contact our suppport.

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