HWID Reset

HWID Reset
posted at 9 months ago

What is an HWID

Because sharing the account is not allowed we generate a unique hardware id from your system. This way we make sure that you do not share your access.

HWID Reset

Since it is possible that you can change some parts, eg. your graphic card or your cpu your hwid can change. If you login to our client you will receive a temporary ban. To solve this ban you have to create a support ticket.

Support Ticket

To speed up your hwid reset we recommend to give us as much information as posssible. We will not lift your ban if you just write reset my hwid .
These are information that can speed up the unban process:

  • When you changed something
  • What you changed
  • Why you changed it

Example: > Yesterday I changed my GPU from GTX1060 to a GTX 1070 because my old graphic card stopped working. I also reinstalled windows to get a fresh windows installation >


There is a huge difference between two computers so do not share your access we will see it!

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